Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Persuasive Research Essay Topics

When choosing persuasive research essay topics it is important for you to decide on the premise that you hold. Sometimes persuasive research essay topics are just the thesis statement for the whole research. Persuasive research essay topics also have to be about subjects that draw some kind of controversy. For example, good persuasive research essay topics cannot be about something as obvious as whether we need oxygen to survive.
Essay research topics can be about a wide variety of subjects. But always remember that good essay research topics will aim at solving a certain problem or meeting a certain need in the society. Of course when choosing essay research topics people only consider the fact that they are carrying out the activity to get good grades in school. However, choosing good essay research topics has made thousands of people to land themselves very promising jobs in their
career way after college.
Here are a few ideas on some good topics that you can use for your persuasive essay:
  • You can look at the subject of capital punishment and whether it is efficient as a form of punishment for criminals. You will need to find out what other scholars have said about the matter in your field of study. In persuasive research writing, you will need to take a stand as early as in your theses statement at the introduction. Your research will therefore revolve around supporting this premise that you hold. Remember to quote people who hold divergent ideas from your own and you can discredit certain aspects of their ideas in order to make your point stronger. A two sided approach to persuasion is better than a one sided one.
  • You can also carry out research to persuade people to believe that there is need for another theory of the origin of man apart from the popular creation and evolution theories. This will mean that you will need to read widely about the two theories and find limitations about them that will give your idea a good take off point.
  • You can also convince people that homeschooling is better than the formal learning in schools. You can use certain case studies as success stories that prove your premise. In such a case, you can juxtapose the two types of learning using case studies to make your work more persuasive.

There are thousands of ideas that you can access through the internet that can be very helpful to you when choosing a research topic for persuasive writing.

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