Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Controversial Essay Research Topics

Using controversial essay research topics will draw attention to your paper. Most people use controversial essay research topics when they are writing argumentative essays or persuasive essays. Controversial essay research topics can be drawn from a variety of sources. Most controversial essay research topics are drawn from current affairs within the society.
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Research essay topics for college students are written depending on the intention of carrying out that research. For example research essay topics for college students can be written with the intention to persuade. One can also write research essay topics for college students that aim at passing across information or describing a certain scenario or phenomenon. Research essay topics for college students can be accessed in thousands over the internet.
Here are a few ideas that can help you to come up with controversial topics:
  •   One can talk about the issue of legalizing gay marriages. There are some countries in the world that have legalized the practice while others adamantly reject. This is therefore an area of controversy that always brings up interesting opinions every time the issue is brought up. Coming up with a controversial topic about the matter for your essay is therefore a good idea.
  • You can take up an argumentative approach for this case. You can consider the both sides of the coin for this matter. You can decide to clear state in your topic your stand or you can just stir up a discussion and give your stand in the conclusion of the essay.
  • Another idea would be to look at human rights issues especially about gender issues. For example women in some parts of the world are not allowed to drive cars. You can pick up the subject and come up with a controversial topic. Argue the matter by presenting ideas from different scholars. This is a very interesting subject that has the ability to not only grasp the reader’s attention but also stir up a lot of emotions in the reader.
  • You can also look at a certain function of the government and discuss how effectively it has been operating. In order for your topic to be viewed as relevant and credible, you have to consult very authoritative resources fro the information you present in your essay paper.
  •  You can also look at the advancement of technology and discuss how it has made some other conventional ways of doing things obsolete or outdated. Come up with a controversial topic that will make the reader want to read more.

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