Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Interesting Research Essay Topics

In order to get interesting research essay topics one has to research widely. This way they will be able to get ideas on the different approaches that they can apply. The interesting research essay topics normally make the reader want to read your paper further than the cover page. Getting interesting research essay topics also normally impress the instructor. They are always reading through research papers so presenting them with interesting research essay topics will grasp their attention.
Controversial essay research topics are normally also interesting to read. Controversial essay research topics are mostly used for argumentative essays. Controversial essay research topics are good for this purpose because they always spark up arguments that make the essay interesting. Most controversial essay research topics are normally drawn from current issues
that are causing debate in the global or local society.
Here are a few ideas that can prompt you to come up with interesting topics for your essay:
  1. When doing a descriptive essay, you can describe a day or tradition that you find interesting in your own experience. For example you can describe how you and your family normally spend a typical Christmas day. You can talk of your Christmas or thanksgiving family tradition. Make the description as interesting and as vivid as possible. Come up with an interesting topic to start with so that the reader will want to read your paper.
  2. You can also describe a certain place. It could be your home or a travelling destination you have visited. Come up with an interesting topic that is not so obvious. Describe the nature and aura of the place so as to evoke the emotions of the reader to a level where they will smile the whole time they are reading through your essay.
  3. When doing an argumentative essay, you can pick a certain subject you are passionate about. Frame the topic in a way that it immediately sparks some sort of controversy within the reader especially if they do not agree with you. In order to have an interesting topic, pick a subject matter that is popular among the scholars or the society at large. You will be amazed at how many ideas you can get just from over hearing people’s conversations.

The bottom line is that whatever your subject of study is, you can be able to come with a topic that is very interesting to the reader. Do not limit yourself in terms of phrasing your topic how others have done before.

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